How to use?

Colour Your Mobile Site

To colour your mobile site is 100% FREE. Watch this short video. Create a unique mobile website with a personal touch. Use our tool for your own websites or create custom CSS files for your clients.

Follow this five - simple - steps:

  • Pick your base colour
  • Choose a colour theme
  • Tweak it to your likings
  • Preview and download your custom CSS
  • Upload the CSS to your webspace

We love to see your new colour theme

Send us an E-Mail with a link to your newly coloured mobile site and don't forget to tell your friends about us!

Important notice for all lovers and users of the Internet Explorers!
As you know the IE Browser has its short comings and does not live up to standards used by the many other good browser alternatives. At present our application is not 100% IE compatible. We are working hard to achieve IE compatibility and we do hope that Microsoft will do its part to make the IE a much better browser in future.